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Sleeping Late Is Good For You

Well it’s about 1pm on a Sunday afternoon; a perfect time to have slept in real good. If you just woke up with thoughts of shame and disgust that you’ve slept the day away, then take some of this science with you as justification.

A) Waking up at early hours can actually raise stress levels greatly. Cortisol which is a naturally occurring stress hormone is at its highest level in your blood around 7:00am. So if you wake up and see red or green flashing 7’s on your alarm clock then disarm it and roll back over.

B) Studies have been conducted by the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Disorders Center that show people who get about 2 extra hours of sleep perform better and are more alert throughout the day. Most people who believe they are well rested would actually benefit from a couple of extra Z’s.

C) Night owls and those that stay up at god awful hours of the night are actually proven to be 5 times more creative than their early bird friends. Studies showed that when given a creativity test, the “morning people” scored considerably lower than the “evening people”.

So if you’re getting bitched at for being a lazy piece of shit, then whip out these useful facts and tell them it’s for your health!

Here are some more interesting sleep facts from BBC Science

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