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Supreme x ANTIHERO® Summer 2014 Capsule Collection

Renowned skateboard brand ANTIHERO® has collaborated exclusively with Supreme for an upcoming capsule collection for Summer 2014. Born in 1995, the two brands have supported the skateboarding culture along the same path. Now for this season we get a large range of tees, [...]

> June 2014 / Fashion, Living, Sport, Style

HUF Summer 2014 “Pick Your Vice” Video

HUF Worldwide releases a video for their latest collection in Summer 2014. Starring David Hamzik, “Pick Your Vice” video shows of the latest and greatest items from the new line. Directed by Brian Kelley and filmed and edited by Brandon Kuzma. [...]

> June 2014 / Design, Fashion, Style

Hampden Speakers by Polk Audio

The Hampden Speakers by Polk Audio are made from teak veneer and have a very refined look. I know what you're thinking, that's all well and good but how do they sound? Well, they sound pretty damn good. Powered by cutting edge tech, the Hampden Speakers feature a USB [...]

> June 2014 / Media, Tech

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Father's Day is June 15th and we have some good suggestions to fit any wish list Dad might dream up. It's nothing like having a gift that speaks to the relationship you got with Pops and it's also nice if its cool as hell. Don't worry friends, if you're stumped this [...]

> June 2014 / Events, Guide, Media, Philosophy

Marshall iPhone Amp Case

There is no shortage of iPhone cases, they come in all kinds of colors and styles. Some even have features like charging capabilities or pockets to store money and credit cards. Although these make for handy features, it seems that the best cases are always the simple [...]

> June 2014 / Media, Tech

Marijuana-Infused Cold-Brew Coffee from Mirth Provisions

While the rest of the country fights for marijuana laws to change, the people in Colorado and Washington will be toasting to the high life. Mirth Provisions and their cannabis extract infused, Legal cold-brew coffees and sodas will probably be what they'll be toasting [...]

> June 2014 / Food & Drink, Living

indcsn Summer 2014 Oxford Shirts & Bulldog Socks

Streetwear brand indscn out of United Kingdom has starting releasing new items for Summer 2014. Staying with staples of menswear, the Oxford Shirt and pair of Bulldog Socks kick off their new collection strong. Soft in weight and classic in style, the Oxfords are made [...]

> June 2014 / Fashion, Style

Nas “Time Is Illmatic” Documentary Trailer

Nas is undoubtedly one of the biggest hip-hop icons of our time.  Every rapper that you hear today is influenced by him in one way or another. He needs no introduction, no witty statements or words to describe his impact on the culture. Nas is simply Illmatic and an [...]

> June 2014 / Media, Music

DURKL Spring/Summer 2014

Based out of Washington D.C. DURKL releases their latest collection for Spring/Summer 2014. The range features a distinct palette consistent through an array of outerwear, knits, button down shirts and hats with a signature custom cut. Bringing in a merge of influences [...]

> June 2014 / Design, Fashion, Style

“Intelligent Details” Bentley Ad Created with iPhone & iPad

I know what you're thinking, a Bentley ad so what? Well, this Bentley ad was shot entirely on an iPhone and edited entirely on an iPad. It also showcases the new Bentley Mulsanne, which has built in iPads in the backseat to showcase the merging of technology and luxury [...]

> June 2014 / Living, Luxury, Philosophy, Sport

Lomo Instant Camera

Lomography has been popular in the photo world for sometime now. A great source of creativity for many photographers, Lomo films and cameras give a variety of colors and styles to images. Now, they've decided to make an even bigger splash in the photo world by [...]

> May 2014 / Art, Design

1-2-1 with Jeff Staple – Steven Harrington

Another installment of 1-2-1 with Jeff Staple features an exclusive sit down with California based psych-pop artist Steven Harrington. A legend in contemporary art and a true visionary, Harrington's interview covers his conceptualization for the latest capsule [...]

> May 2014 / Art, Fashion, Style

Revisit iPhone Case

Let's face it, there is nothing worse than plopping down a wad of your hard earn cash on the latest iPhone only to have it shattered by an accidental drop. It's happened to us all at one point or another, and if it hasn't happened to you it soon will. That's why [...]

> May 2014 / Design, Media, Style, Tech

iloveugly Bobby Pant

New Zealand based iloveugly presents one of their newest cuts of their jogger pant. A sophisticated styling has been applied to the Bobby pant with signature high rise and cuffed leg opening. Available now in Black Speckle and Grey Tweed, this pant can add a superior [...]

> May 2014 / Fashion, Style