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“Intelligent Details” Bentley Ad Created with iPhone & iPad

I know what you're thinking, a Bentley ad so what? Well, this Bentley ad was shot entirely on an iPhone and edited entirely on an iPad. It also showcases the new Bentley Mulsanne, which has built in iPads in the backseat to showcase the merging of technology and luxury [...]

> June 2014 / Living, Luxury, Philosophy, Sport

Lomo Instant Camera

Lomography has been popular in the photo world for sometime now. A great source of creativity for many photographers, Lomo films and cameras give a variety of colors and styles to images. Now, they've decided to make an even bigger splash in the photo world by [...]

> May 2014 / Art, Design

1-2-1 with Jeff Staple – Steven Harrington

Another installment of 1-2-1 with Jeff Staple features an exclusive sit down with California based psych-pop artist Steven Harrington. A legend in contemporary art and a true visionary, Harrington's interview covers his conceptualization for the latest capsule [...]

> May 2014 / Art, Fashion, Style

Revisit iPhone Case

Let's face it, there is nothing worse than plopping down a wad of your hard earn cash on the latest iPhone only to have it shattered by an accidental drop. It's happened to us all at one point or another, and if it hasn't happened to you it soon will. That's why [...]

> May 2014 / Design, Media, Style, Tech

iloveugly Bobby Pant

New Zealand based iloveugly presents one of their newest cuts of their jogger pant. A sophisticated styling has been applied to the Bobby pant with signature high rise and cuffed leg opening. Available now in Black Speckle and Grey Tweed, this pant can add a superior [...]

> May 2014 / Fashion, Style

3sixteen Spring/Summer 2014 Shirts

3sixteen has just released their newest shirt offerings for Spring/Summer 2014. Their range of shirts pair perfectly with their signature denim line, especially their lightweight 101x jeans that debuted recently. These shirts are Japanese printed fabric available in [...]

> May 2014 / Design, Style

Ball and Buck Angler’s Shirt

Proudly American based Ball and Buck present a stylish take on fisherman's wear with their Angler's Shirt. Tactical and built tough, it features a genuine shearling button on fly patch and button sleeves. If you're looking to get your feet wet this summer and hit the [...]

> May 2014 / Fashion, Living, Sport, Style

Cogito Classic Smartwatch

Now that smartphones and tablets are all the rave it was just a matter of time before other devices got the same "smart" treatment. The Classic Smartwatch by Cogito is one of those devices that's harnessed the power of current technology for our benefit. The Cogito [...]

> May 2014 / Design, Luxury, Philosophy, Style

David Kind Luxury Eyewear

All eyeglasses are not created equal. First there are the frames that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Then you have the lenses, they also come in a variety of styles, coatings and the lot. It's safe to say that picking a new pair of glasses can be a [...]

> May 2014 / Fashion, Luxury, Philosophy, Style

Ronnie Fieg for Sebago Spring 2014 – Pancho Collection

Renowned shoe designer extraordinaire Ronnie Fieg has dished out another collaboration with heritage footwear brand Sebago for Spring 2014 season. A mix of old time American construction mixed with a nod to Native American culture is presented here in the Pancho [...]

> May 2014 / Fashion, Style

Shinola Leather Factory from Cool Hunting Video

Detroit based Shinola Leather Factory gets a run through with Cool Hunting Video. This short film highlights the strive for revival of the American dream from the hands of factory workers to the business owners. The brand is known for their production of premium made [...]

> May 2014 / Craft, Design, Philosophy, Style

LIE “Primordial Bliss” Quickstrike Collection

The Love Is Earth Mfg Co announces their newest quickstrike collection entitled "Primordial Bliss". Slated to come out July 28th, this is a super exclusive cut & sew line that will feature clothing 'drenched in a deep transcendental vibe'. Follow news on this limited [...]

> May 2014 / Events, Fashion, Media, Style

Shwood Fifty/Fifty Titanium Collection

Shwood eyewear known for their expertise in wooden shades brings us their newest project from their Fifty/Fifty line. The Titanium Collection features a combination of premium materials on a lightweight design. The titanium and hardwood structure offers supreme [...]

> May 2014 / Design, Fashion, Style

Supreme Sunglasses Collection for Summer 2014

Supreme announced today their upcoming collection of sunglasses for Summer 2014. Four models, The Frances, Wellington, Tunnel Metal and Factory will be released in multiple colorways and are made by hand in Japan. They feature CR 39 tinted and UV lenses that sit in [...]

> May 2014 / Design, Fashion, Style