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Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” Official Trailer

From the writer/director who has brought us some of the best films of our generation Paul Thomas Anderson ends the year with "Inherent Vice". This wacky crime drama/comedy stars a slew of A-list actors and takes place in the 60's with Joaquin Phoenix leading as Doc [...]

> December 2014 / Media, TV & Film

Dapperism Guide for the Lumbersexual

The days of the well-groomed metrosexual man might soon be over. Whether you like it or not, there’s a new label in town: the lumbersexual. The lumbersexual is essentially an urban woodsman. He is brawny, wears expensive flannel, has an impressive beard that is kempt, [...]

> December 2014 / Grooming, Guide, Philosophy, Style

An Open Letter to Mr. Resolution

A new year is upon us. The turn of December into January brings with it a host of hallmarks: Stocking the refrigerator with liquor and mixers; deciding whether to take down the Christmas lights or leave them up; cooking an enormous turkey or ham in the oven; swilling [...]

> December 2014 / Events, Health, Living, Media, Philosophy, Wisdom

BARON Shave Kit by Linquisitive

Introducing the last razor you'll ever need. Newly funded from the team at Linquisitive is the BARON Shave Kit. Finally a good modern approach to the tried and true classic razor design has come to light. The fight against cheaply made cartridge razors has never been [...]

> December 2014 / Design, Grooming, Health, Living, Style

DULAC Selvedge Denim Made in the USA

DULAC is an up and coming brand based out of New York throwing their hat into the ring of high end denim. With a Made in the USA mission and a focus on modern fit, quality and true craftsmanship, DULAC will soon be in full production offering a range of styles for the [...]

> December 2014 / Craft, Design, Fashion, Philosophy, Style

Entourage – Official Teaser Trailer

If you're not familiar with Entourage, one of HBO's best tv shows ever then quit reading and skip to the next article now. Ok, Glad that we've gotten that outta the way. For the rest of us that know the awesomeness of this show, and have heard talks about a movie coming [...]

> December 2014 / Media, TV & Film

Movember: How Much Do you Know?

Movember is an annual month-long event involving the growth of a mustache during the month of november to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives. [...]

> November 2014 / Grooming, Style

Supreme x The North Face® Bandana Capsule Collection

Continuing their seasonal collaboration with select brands, Supreme works exclusively with The North Face® to release new styles of The Mountain Parka, Dolomite Sleeping Bag, ThermoBall™ Traction Mule, ETIP Glove and Rolling Thunder Bag. A true winter [...]

> November 2014 / Design, Fashion, Style

Strong Like Bull’s BottleLoft Magnetic Beer Hanger

Want your beer to hang like fruit from your fridge? Using neodymium magnets, custom steel focus cups, a plastic rail and 3M adhesive strips, Strong Like Bull's Brian Conti brings us the ultimate way to create space and store beer in your fridge. BottleLoft fits any [...]

> November 2014 / Design, Food & Drink, Living, Style

HERB: Mastering The Art of Cooking with Cannabis

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, it's only right we get a gourmet cookbook right? Brought to you by the Stoner's Cookbook is HERB: Mastering The Art of Cooking with Cannabis that features over 200 weed laced recipes. Very informative, this book not only [...]

> November 2014 / Food & Drink, Living

Topo Designs x Woolrich Collection

Topo Designs and Woolrich team up for an amazing collaboration. Think Topo's bags with Woolrich's wool, how could you not love this collaboration. Look, we'll save you the long winded spiel and just put it this way. Topo bags are made of the highest quality and Woolrich [...]

> November 2014 / Design, Fashion, Style

Supreme x Vans Fall/Winter 2014 Sk8-Hi and Era

When is comes to Vans collaborations, Supreme is king. Over the years every collection has set the tone and established trends in the spectrum of streetwear fashion. For this release with Vans, Supreme adds their favorite motif to every sneaker. Featuring leather [...]

> November 2014 / Fashion, Style

FUCT SSDD 16 OZ. Okayama Selvedge Denim

Just announced on the FUCT blog THE LOVE AWARENESS PROGRAM, SSDD 16 oz. Okayama selvedge denim will be released to select stockists this week. Constructed of the utmost quality, the jeans feature a traditional deep indigo hue with engraved hardware and [...]

> November 2014 / Design, Fashion, Style

Pilgrim’s Machine Oil by Brooklyn Grooming

Let's be real. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to be active, only for your efforts to be hampered by an annoyance like chafing. Sweat drenched workouts are the perfect storm for some seriously clammy situations below the belt. Pilgrim's Machine Oil promises [...]

> November 2014 / Grooming, Style