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“On the Bureau” with Kanis Lu


This edition of “On the Bureau” features independent hip hop artist Kanis Lu. Hailing from East Atlanta, Georgia, Kanis has a made a name for himself in the underground music scene with hard flow and deep vocal presence. We get a picture of his daily carry and a bit of insight into the man behind “The Mouth of the Dog” and an acclaimed ‘Battle Axe Warrior’.


From top to bottom, left to right:
1) Oakley prescription glasses 2) Black Scale Ostrich Card Holder 3) Brass Knuckle “Belt Buckle” 4) Battle Axe Warriors dog tags 5) HTC Droid DNA 6) Ka-bar TDI ‘Last Ditch’ neck knife 7) Sog Trident tactical folder knife 8) Rock Island Armory Compact 1911 9) Keys to his house in East Atlanta

Graham C. Gibbs
Here's an old soul, a heart that belongs in the Dust Bowl era and a brain wave on the beating pulse of current art, technology & culture.

  • BrendanCallaghan

    Kanis Lu’s house is always open to visitors. Contact me for details.

    • Graham Gibbs

      Haha, B Dapper’s up next