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Review of Kershaw Knives

Any guy will tell you that it’s tough finding a quality knife that won’t “fold” under pressure (see what I did there?) and is sharp enough to handle your toughest jobs. When you also consider that you want a blade that can hold an edge over a long period of time, is expertly constructed with quality materials, and the fact that most people don’t want to take out a second mortgage just to pay for such a blade, finding a knife that covers all these criteria can be nearly impossible.

Enter Kershaw Knives.

Kershaw has been making quality blades since 1974, and anyone who’s ever held one in their hand will instantly know why Kershaw Knives are one of the greatest values for money on the market today. Some of their best knives offer a very unique Speed Safe(copyrighted) system that is powered by a torsion bar, the nature of which prevents gravity from opening the knife by accident when it is in the owners pocket, but with a light touch of the thumb stud on the side of the blade or the back of the blade protrusion and the knife swings open fully and locks into place, allowing for very easy one-handed operation when the situation calls for it.

The knives are constructed with everything from stainless steel to their black blades that have a titanium carbo-nitride coating, as well as several other materials and finishes. Looking through the Kershaw website, you are almost sure to find something that will satisfy your blade needs. Like any product worth your money, Kershaw Knives have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Any problems with the knife that resulted from construction issues at Kershaw will either be repaired or replaced at no charge, and one of the coolest things about Kershaw is that for the price of shipping, Kershaw will sharpen your knife for you back to a razor’s edge for the entire life of the blade, and that commitment and level of service is one of many great reasons to own a Kershaw.

The blades themselves are immensely sharp right out of the package and will tackle most jobs with ease. Both of the Kershaws that I own have the black, sandpaper style grips on either side of the handle and are extremely comfortable. One of them is a smaller style Tonto blade that has the Speed Safe Assisted Opening, and the other is a larger stainless steel blade that does not have the Speed Safe system, but still opens easily with one hand once I got it fully broken in. I use them for everything from simple tape cutting and package opening to my tougher jobs, like cutting cord, rope, and smaller pieces of wood. They are even suitable for tasks like cutting up plug and pressed style tobaccos and work in a pinch for slicing the cap off the end of a cigar.

Kershaw knives can be found from several online retailers, from Amazon to Ebay, and you can even order directly from the knife ninjas over at KAI USA, but you will pay a little more for your knives if you order directly from the company. My Tonto style Speed Safe blade usually retails for $120, but I got the deal of the century at an outdoor supply store that was discontinuing that particular model of knife, so I picked it up for a mere $35. My other Kershaw was about $50 off Amazon, and it is worth every penny. Both knives have served me for the better part of a decade, and they will continue to serve me well for many years to come. If you need a great, reliable knife and don’t want to break the bank, do yourself a favor and pick up a Kershaw. You won’t be disappointed.

Eric Jelinek
A scholarly well rounded bastard with four eyes, a taste for fine tobacco and truer principles to the phrase 'gentleman' than many shall know.