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Dapperism “The Pipe Ritual” Video

Dapperism presents a preview of more to come with “The Pipe Ritual”. The modern gent keeps a beard for the colder days and enjoys the warmth of his home with solitude. The end of the winter work day, slowing down and a tight pack with high flame is a ritual to be savored. More coming soon..

Audio – J Dilla, Beat Tapes 3 “Track 28”

Graham C. Gibbs
Here's an old soul, a heart that belongs in the Dust Bowl era and a brain wave on the beating pulse of current art, technology & culture.

  • David Ruddell

    Great vid, but as a very keen pipe smoker I feel obliged to say you should NEVER light your pipe with a petrol zippo, you may well get a taint of petrol in with the delicious smoke!

    • Dapperism

      Yeah I hear ya. I know a lotta guys are match men but I’ve had this Zippo pipe lighter for like 10 years and it’s a sentimental part of it I guess. -G

  • David Ruddell

    I’m all with you on the ritual, I use a Zippo (was a gift from my best friend over 30 years ago) but with one of these inside

    works great and no taint.

    Regards from the Pipe Club of London too.

  • Claudio Vásquez

    Great vid. I ordered my first pipe a few days ago, can’t wait till it gets here. It would be great if you could give some tips for newbies out there.

    Looking forward to watching more of this videos. Cheers

  • Eric Jelinek

    OK, so from one pipe smoker to another I have to know: What’s the pipe and what’s the tobacco?