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A Dapper Man’s Gift Guide, Part 3 “Tech & Stocking Stuffers”

If you have read the first two parts of our Gift Guide, you are probably thinking that there isn’t possibly anything else that your gentleman could possibly want for Christmas, but I promise you, we are almost done. In this final version of our gift guide, we are going to look over some gifts for your gadget guru, possible ideas for stocking stuffers, and a couple of ideas for the guy that you just really have no freaking idea how to shop for.

toshiba-satelliteIf your dude is a gadget geek, then the world is his oyster, an oyster full of smart phones, tablets, and laptops. In the realm of portable computers, one of my favorite all time brands is the reliable and trusty Toshiba. I have owned the same Toshiba laptop for almost 5 years now, and it runs like the day that I bought it. While every laptop that is worth its salt is going to set you back a little bit of coin, you would do well to look at something like the Toshiba Satellite line, which is what I own currently. This particular model features a 3.2 GHz  processor which is certainly no slouch, has plenty of memory to run multiple programs all at the same time, and features more than a half a terabyte of hard drive space for all his music, DVDs, and most importantly, his copy of Diablo 3.

If your guy needs a new smartphone, he has probably been embroiled in the battle going on between the two new latest and greatest smartphone juggernauts, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. You would do well with either of these phones as they are both well worth any amount that you will pay for them, but given my bad luck with iPhones in the past, I have to give the slight edge to the Galaxy S3, but really, it just boils down to whether or not your guy is an Apple guy.

For something new that rivals both, you may want to check out the HTC Droid DNA with 1080p capabilities and more. And for the Google lovers out there, the Nexus 4 is pretty sweet too.n4-product-hero

The past couple of years has also seen the rise of the tablet for the finicky tech user. It offers something larger and with a bigger screen and nicer resolution than a cell phone without being as big and bulky and weighty as a laptop, and it’s not hard to see why they are so popular. There are a lot of options available to you, such as the ever popular iPad, or something like a nice Kindle which is made by the fine folks at Amazon. You can go for something really fancy like a Kindle Fire HD for the guy who just likes to play a few games and surf the web, or you can go all the way up to the Fire 8.9″ With 4G LTE for the guy who needs to stay connected everywhere he goes.

astra-bladesAnd stocking stuffers are always such a pain in the ass right? Wrong. Stocking stuffers can often be as simple as little things to accompany a guys bigger gifts at Christmas time, anything from 100 of his favorite double edge Astra shaving blades to a nice bottle of cologne, maybe something like a Comme Des Garcons Amazing Green with that ever so subtle hint of gunpowder.

Another great idea for the stocking is movies. Something with a lot of action and a suspenseful plot line is almost guaranteed to keep his interest, or you could go for something like a nice TV on DVD box set, something like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, or Breaking Bad are on a lot of guy’s top TV lists this time of year.

If your guy is a gamer, there are also lots of little odds and ends that a guy needs to complete his ultimate gaming experience, such as an Xbox Live 12 month subscription so that he can play all his friends online, or a Microsoft Points Card so that he can download the newest downloadable content for his games.

But there is always that one guy that everyone knows, the guy who has anything and everything he could possibly want and refuses to tell you what he wants for Christmas, but you are determined to get him something anyway, you just don’t know what. I’ll give you guys a hint on this one: Be creative. You don’t always have to spend cash and buy something to impress a gent and make him have a memorable holiday. Cook him a mind blowing steak. Bring a bunch of his friends that he doesn’t see very often to town and organize a party. Here’s a great idea I had a couple of years ago: I took my fathers car for a drive and led him to believe it needed to be taken in and worked on. Really, all I did was had it detailed and had it tuned up: new spark plugs, new wires, new distributor cap, new battery, oil change, and the car was cleaned and vacuumed then hand waxed. Christmas morning, I drove his car back to him looking brand spankin’ new, and he was floored.

It doesn’t really matter what you give your lad for Christmas this year, but we have sure as hell given you a lot of options. Even if nothing on this list suits his tastes or, if for some unbelievable coincidence, every single item listed in these three parts are all out of stock at the same time, at least take some time to spend with your guy this holiday season. After all, you can buy or make him anything he wants, but being there to share it with him is what is truly going to make it memorable for him, and even if you can’t find anything in this list that he will like, his holiday will still be perfect as long as he has someone to spend it with. From all the gents here at Dapperism, we wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and the most prosperous of New Years.

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