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BeardScent by Jao


Jao makes some of the best grooming and hygiene products for men, which brings us to Beard Scent. With the winter season being upon us, some of us gents have beards. And any gent that’s worn a beard in the winter knows how the cold dries out your skin makes your beard itch.

With Beard Scent, you massage a little into your beard and not only does it moisturize, but it smells good too.  You can also use it for your cuticles and hair, it’s 100% natural balm containing their 10% essential oil blend of woodsy, citrus scented goodness for use wherever and whenever.

Check it out at Jao Ltd.

Undrell Maholmes
Based in OKC, here's a man of many values and artistic ability. Camera in one hand and corn-cob pipe in the other, The Rebel is worldly beyond the scope of the average man.