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How to Drive Like a Man: Mirrors

I was lonely driving here tonight so I hugged the road. - Jay London Trust me, you are not using your mirrors correctly. And that means that you can't see me. And, well ... [...]

> February 26, 2013 / Guide, Living, Philosophy, Sport, Wisdom

Real Men Speak Softly

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." Theodore Roosevelt How often do you hear people selling themselves? Far too often, I'd bet. Well, I'm here to tell [...]

> January 16, 2013 / Philosophy, Wisdom

The Basics of Toilet Etiquette

Men who consistently leave the toilet seat up secretly want women to get up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night and fall in. Rita Rudner I cannot remember being [...]

> December 03, 2012 / Guide, Philosophy, Wisdom

How to Drive Like a Man: Making a Space

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?  George Carlin Sorry, ladies, but driving is a [...]

> November 26, 2012 / Guide, Living, Philosophy, Sport

“On the Bureau” with Scott Fine

This week's feature of "On the Bureau" gives us a glimpse into the pockets of Scott Fine, a valued gentleman and writer for Dapperism. From top to bottom, left to right: [...]

> October 28, 2012 / Design, Luxury, Philosophy, Style

Sorringowl & Sons Pipe Pouch

I recently received my Sorringowl pipe pouch and ... wait for it ... I love it. It's minimal design and craftsmanship give this pouch a cool factor that no other pouch can [...]

> October 11, 2012 / Design, Luxury, Philosophy, Style

British Gangsters Are Just Cooler

You're born, you take shit. You get out in the world, you take more shit. You climb a little higher, you take less shit. Till one day you're up in the rarefied atmosphere [...]

> October 10, 2012 / Media, Philosophy, TV & Film, Wisdom

A Guide to Smoking in Public

If I cannot smoke cigars in Heaven, I shall not go. Mark Twain It's the classic battle between David and Goliath. Well, maybe not that classic, but in the last several [...]

> October 08, 2012 / Guide, Luxury, Philosophy

The Psychology Behind Bic’ing Your Head

Appear taller, stronger and more dominant. A recent Wharton School of Business study published in the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science finds that men [...]

> October 06, 2012 / Grooming, Health, Living, Philosophy, Style, Wisdom

Zen and the Art of Pipe Acquisition

Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.  - Alan Wilson Watts I have come to learn that it is only in the rejection of pipe-ownership that I [...]

> October 04, 2012 / Luxury, Philosophy, Wisdom

My Vintage Life

Why safety razors, fountain pens and bow ties are cool. I love vintage things. I always have. Lately I have been considering why I love vintage things the way I do. Why, [...]

> October 04, 2012 / Design, Fashion, Luxury, Philosophy, Style