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TIDAL: The New Wave or Old Hype? Part 2

Ok, the last time I talked to you guys about Tidal, I was giving the streaming service a 30 day trial run. Well, the trial is over and I'm back in this second part of a three part series to share my findings. First off let me start by saying this, I really like the [...]

> May 2015 / Guide, Media, Music, Philosophy, Tech

Hard Graft Camera Straps

I can't lie, I like cool shit. With that said, being a photographer there are lots of "basic" and "plain" things with very little aesthetic appeal. Then you have the brands like Hard Graft that something "basic" like a camera strap and make it dope! These Hard Graft [...]

> May 2015 / Art, Design, Style

HBO’s True Detective Season 2 Teaser

The rumors have been swarming around the interweb ever since the first season of HBO's dark drama True Detective. The highly anticipated Season 2 teaser gives us glimpses of the new story and it's characters starring Colin Farrel, Taylor Kitsch, Vince Vaughn and Rachel [...]

> April 2015 / Media, TV & Film

TIDAL: The New Wave Or Old Hype? Part 1

  So we've all heard the news right? "Jay-Z takes on Spotify with $56 million purchase of Aspiro." For those who aren't with "the shit", Aspiro = Tidal. The headlines read he takes on Spotify, but you may as well insert Beats, Rhapsody, Rdio and any other music [...]

> April 2015 / Media, Tech

Dapperism Spring 2015

Another year. Another season. Hang up the heavy coats and prepare for warmer days. We modern gentleman exchange boots for oxfords, socks for bare feet and roll up our sleeves for the rising temperatures. Stay up to date on everything we have coming up with all new original [...]

> March 2015 / Events, Fashion, Media, Philosophy, Style, Wisdom

Ink, Blood and Spirit | The Life And Work of Little Swastika

A biographical portrait of the self-taught tattooer and artist ”Little Swastika”, whose work is well known worldwide. Marc has made a name for himself with his unique, bold and controversial style, while he also wants to show that the swastika has a totally [...]

> March 2015 / Art, Craft, Media, Philosophy, Style, TV & Film

5 Men’s Hat Trends For Spring

Fresh off of fashion week, and with Spring on the horizon there seems to be all kinds of new styles on the come up. So here at Dapperism we figured we'd do our best to keep you up to date with what everything style. So first in this Spring 2015 series is hats. There are [...]

> March 2015 / Fashion, Guide, Philosophy, Style

MuzzleShot Tactical Shot Glass

Now I've seen some awesome shot glasses but none as unique as these by MuzzleShot. MuzzleShot Tactical Shot Glasses are machined from billet heat treated T6 6061 aluminum and anodized in a dark grey finish, they hold about 1.5 oz of liquor. Did I mention that [...]

> March 2015 / Food & Drink, Living

Nike Air Max Tavas

When looking for a good pair of Spring/Summer sneakers three things are priority. One is breathability and the other two are comfort and style. The Nike Air Max Tavas have an abundance of all three. Shown in my favorite color way, Theses kicks have clean lines, great [...]

> March 2015 / Fashion, Style

Dapperism Valentine’s Day Grooming Guide

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and while you’re probably racking your brain over which restaurant to pick or what flowers she’ll like best, don’t forget that good style and grooming matter to her too. (After all, no woman wants to be seen with an unkempt [...]

> February 2015 / Grooming, Living, Style, Women

Supreme SS15 Teaser

Supreme has closed up shop for the Winter season in preparation for the coming collection. Spring/Summer 2015 is teased with a customary single image featured on their store page. The store will reopen for Spring toward the end of March. Stay tuned for more from [...]

> January 2015 / Fashion, Style

Courvoisier USA – The Essence of 3sixteen Denim with Andrew Chen

My first pair of raw denim came from 3sixteen a couple years ago. As a brand I have followed them and their success intimately. Andrew Chen talks with Courvoisier USA in this exclusive spot detailing the art of their labor and the culture they help to sustain through [...]

> January 2015 / Craft, Design, Fashion, Philosophy, Style

Dopp Kit Essentials

The Dopp Kit is one of the most underrated things in a man's arsenal. They come in all kinds of styles, fabrics and brands. A properly stocked Dopp Kit is of paramount importance. It holds things like deodorant, cologne, razors, shaving cream, combs, brushes etc.  With [...]

> January 2015 / Grooming, Health, Living, Style

A Look At Birdwell Beach Britches

Since 1961, Birdwell has been hand-making board shorts, jackets and totes out of their Santa Ana factory. Cultivating the essence of the lifestyle, Birdwell is a brand backed by a laid back family of surf enthusiasts and craftsmen. Their vision is clear. To paraphrase, the [...]

> December 2014 / Craft, Design, Fashion, Philosophy, Style